Wednesday, January 6, 2010

So you wanna make a movie?

When I was in college everyone I knew wanted to work on Wall Street. Now its show biz. But the media landscape is changing and what was once a lucrative market for entrepreneurial independent producers is getting tougher by the day.

The web, user generated media and a multitude of other factors makes this an exciting, yet volatile time for the independent filmmaker.

CinAvis is designed to help independent filmmakers navigate the waters of making a motion picture with some friendly and FREE advice from someone who has been through it.

I will start by going through the movie making process step by step. From developing a logline to delivering a master with split M&E tracks for foreign distribution. Along the way I will hope to provide insight on where I see the market headed and how today's producer can take advantage of opportunities that weren't there even a few years ago.

This blog welcomes comments and conversation. For more about me, look me up on IMDB.

My next post will be on how the process starts, with an idea, a logline and where to go from there.


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